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Frau Zinn und Frau Brune



  • different exercises and games to practice free speech and to improve your English language skills
  • field trips and competitions against other schools in the German Debating League
  • a lot of fun and exciting discussions

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when:  Wednesdays, 2.15pm
where: room 112



  • 2022/23

    Junior League:

    • rounds 1&2: Friday, 27th January
    • rounds 3&4: Saturday, 18th March
    • rounds 5&6: Wednesday, 17th May

    Senior League:

    • rounds 1&2: Friday, 25th November in Heilbronn
      motion: THBT foreign citizens with a residence permit should be allowed to vote in all elections
    • rounds 3&4: Saturday, 4th February
    • rounds 5-8: Friday, 10th - 12th March in Würzburg

    We'll let you know the motions and where the competitions will take place as soon as possible!

    For more detailed information on tournaments see:

  • 2021/22

    Junior League:

    • rounds 1&2: Tuesday, 25th January
      motion: THBT schools should prioritize the teaching of practical everyday skills over general knowledge
    • rounds 3&4: Thursday, 31st March
      motion: THW ban minors from social media.
    • rounds 5&6: Friday, 13th May
      motion: THW ban the breeding of wild animals for petting programmes at zoos.
    • final rounds: Friday, 21st - Sunday, 22nd May

    Senior League:

    • rounds 1&2: Friday, 26th November - online
    • rounds 3&4: Saturday, 5th Febuary - online
      motion: THBT executive managers of private companies should be elected by their employees.
    • rounds 5-8: Friday, 18th - 20th March - online
      motion: THBT universities should admit applicants for degree programmes randomly rather than based on their school grades.
      motion: THBT developing countries should not sell land to individuals or companies from foreign countries.

    Congratulations to our Senior Team that reached this year's octofinals and to Johanna Gring, who ranked 2nd best individual speaker.

  • 2020/21

    Junior League:

    • rounds 1&2: Wednesday, 13th January
      motion: THBT fairy tales have a bad influence on young children.
    • rounds 3&4: Thursday, 25th February
      motion: THBT schools should make a conscious effort to include literature by authors from minority groups in their curriculum.
    • rounds 5&6: Friday, 16th April
      motion: THW make computer science a compulsory subject from grade 8 onwards.
    • final rounds: Friday, 18th - Sunday, 20th June
      motion: THBT people who want to have children have a moral obligation to adopt before having their own biological children

    Senior League:

    • rounds 1&2: Friday, 20th November
      motion: TH prefers a world in which universities based tuition on student earnings after graduation
    • rounds 3&4: Saturday, 30th January
      motion: TH regrets the rise of true crime entertainment
    • rounds 5-8: Friday, 5th - 7th March
      motion: THW would encourage research into human cloning
      motion: THW make companies liable for human rights abuses that occur anywhere in their supply chains

  • 2019/20

    Junior League:

    • rounds 1&2: Thursday, 16th January in Gaggenau
      motion: TH supports Extinction Rebellion
    • rounds 3&4: Wednesday, 19th February at GGK
      motion: THBT the Olympic Games should have permanent competition site
    • rounds 5&6: Friday, 27th March in Stuttgart
      motion: TH supports the development of self-driving cars.
    • final rounds in Rottweil: 19th - 21th June

    Senior League:

    • rounds 1&2: Friday, 8th November at GGK
      motion: TH believes that countries should hold a referendum before engaging in war
    • rounds 3&4: Saturday, 25th January in Lahr
      motion: THW ban prenatal screening for genetic disorders
    • rounds 5-8: 6th - 8th March in Würzburg
      motion: THBT all decisions of the European Council should be taken by majority vote
      motion: TH supports the cultivation of genetically modified foods
    • final rounds: Saturday, 23th May

  • 2018/19

    Junior League:

    • rounds 1&2: Wednesday, 23rd January in Stuttgart
      Motion: THW not go on holiday in developing countries
    • rounds 3&4: Thursday, 21st February at GGK
      Motion: TH opposes digitalization at a primary school level
    • rounds 5&6: Friday, 29th March in Stuttgart
      Motion: THW lower the voting age to 14 in all German elections
    • final rounds in Rottweil: 28th - 30th June
      Motion: THBT individuals should not be punished for possession of small amounts of illegal drugs for pesonal consumption
      Motion: THW ban single-sex schools

    Congratulations to our team that won this year's Junior League!

  • 2017/18

    Junior League:

    • Rounds 1&2: Thursday, 7th December at GGK
      Motion: THW abolish marks in PE, Music and Art.
    • Rounds 3&4: Friday, 2nd February in Emmendingen
      Motion: This House believes that beauty peagants should be banned.
    • Rounds 5&6: Wednesday, 14th March in Lahr
      Motion: This House believes that all parents should be required to take parental classes before having a child.
    • finals: 15th - 17th June

    Senior League:

    • Rounds 1&2: Friday, 24th November in Lahr
      Motion: This House would introduce a universal basic income.
    • Rounds 3&4: Saturday, 27th January at GGK
      Motion: THBT Saudi Arabia is the biggest threat to stability in the Middle East
    • rounds 5-8: 2nd - 4th March in Mannheim
      Motion: This House fears the rise of artificial intelligence
      Motion: This House would end EU membership negotiations with Turkey
    • finals: Saturday, 9th June

  • 2016/17

    Junior League:

    • Rounds 1&2: Thursday, 8th December in Heilbronn
      Motion: "THW implement unisex toilets in all public buildings."
    • Rounds 3+4: Friday, 27th January at GGK
      Motion: "This house believes that characters with disabilities or significant illnesses in film or television should always be portrayed by individuals with said disabilities and illnesses." 
    • Rounds 5+6: Wednesday, 5th March in Vaihingen
      Motion: "THBT parents should be allowed to choose their baby's sex"
    • final rounds: 19th - 21st May

    Senior League:

    • Rounds 1&2: Friday, 18th November
    • Rounds 3+4: Saturday, 21st January
    • final rounds in Würzburg: 17th - 19th February

  • 2015/16

    Junior League:

    • Rounds 1&2: 8th Dec at the Goethe-Gymnasium Karlsruhe
      Motion: THW charge football clubs for the policing of football matches
    • Rounds 3&4: 28th Jan in Stuttgart
      Motion: THB that physical education classes should be coeducational in all year groups
    • Rounds 5&6: 22th April
    • Final rounds: 10th – 12th June

    Senior League

    • Rounds 1&2: 13th Nov 2016 in Stuttgart
      Motion: TH approves of Ms Merkels open-door policy towards refugees
    • Rounds 3&4: 23th Jan in Frankfurt
      Motion: TH does not support air strikes against IS
    • Rounds 5-8: 26th – 28th Feb Würzburgweekend
    • Finals: 4th June in Stuttgart